Automotive Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

CAR A/C REPAIR The air conditioning unit is a combination of various components that work together to keep you cool even on the hottest of days. It is important to get regular maintenance and inspections to ensure optimal efficiency. The signs your air conditioning needs service are:• Vents are blowing warm air even on a … Read more

battery replacement

Battery Replacement

BATTERY REPLACEMENT IN DAVIS COUNTY The battery is the heart of the electrical system in your vehicle. Acting as the mechanism that starts your vehicle and ignites the internal combustion engine that puts your vehicle into motion. Only when the vehicle is started, and the systems are supplied with the correct amount of power does … Read more

Car belts and hoses

Belts and Hoses

BELTS AND HOSES IN DAVIS COUNTY There are two important types of belts in your vehicle, which are your timing belt and serpentine belts. Timing belts are vital for your engine to start and function as it transfers the power from the camshaft to power the crankshaft; if this belt were to break, your engine … Read more

Car Brakes


BRAKES IN DAVIS COUNTY When it comes to vehicle terms, brakes are one of the most known, however, brakes are more than just the components that are replaced through routine maintenance, there is an entire system that needs to operate effectively so that driving your vehicle is safe. Routine brake pads, shoes, and rotor replacements … Read more

cabin air filter

Cabin Air Filter

CABIN AIR FILTER IN DAVIS COUNTY The cabin air filter seems to always be that extra add-on your mechanic asks about every time you get routine maintenance, but what does this filter do? This filter comes standard on newer vehicles and cleans the air within your cabin. Cleaner air in your vehicle’s cabin aids in … Read more

Check engine light

Check Engine Light

CHECK ENGINE LIGHT IN DAVIS COUNTY Your dashboard is the way your vehicle communicates with you, from informing you that needing more windshield wiper fluid to low fuel; however, some lights may not be as straightforward as the others. Your check engine light, also known as the service light, tells you when something may be … Read more


Coolant and Antifreeze

COOLANT AND ANTIFREEZE IN DAVIS COUNTY Your cooling system has a fluid that circulates within it to ensure its reliability, this is coolant/antifreeze. However, this fluid’s effectiveness can decrease over time and get dirty. A fluid flush will remove all the unwanted fluid and replace the dirty fluid with clean fluid for better vehicle performance. … Read more

auto coolant

Cooling System

COOLING SYSTEM ANTIFREEZE IN DAVIS COUNTY The cooling system, often confused with the A/C unit, is the mechanism that cools your engine, keeping it functional. Your cooling system consists of the radiator, water pump, hoses, thermostat, cooling fan, and of course cooling fluids like the antifreeze/coolant. If this system is failing, the heat your engine … Read more

Car diagnostics


DIAGNOSTICS IN DAVIS COUNTY Vehicles are complex pieces of machinery with various components and systems that are constantly needed for maximum efficiency. It’s important that when a dashboard light comes on or your vehicle is not working properly that you bring it to a professional to look at it before a small problem becomes a … Read more


Differential Service

DIFFERENTIAL SERVICE IN DAVIS COUNTY The differential is a crucial part of a vehicle’s drivetrain that divides the torque of the engine between the wheels, giving them the ability to turn at different rates when necessary. This system is initiated when turning corners. Differentials differ depending on the drivetrain — for instance, the differential is … Read more

drive train

Drive Train

DRIVE TRAIN IN DAVIS COUNTY The drivetrain is a component that delivers power to your vehicle, transferring energy to the wheels while the differential allows wheels on the same axel to spin at different speeds. Other components of the drivetrain are the transmission, CV joint, U-join, differential, driveshaft, and axel shafts. There are four types … Read more

engine air filter

Engine Air Filter

ENGINE AIR FILTER IN DAVIS COUNTY The engine air filter is located at the front of the engine compartment and its function is to trap outside debris like bugs, dirt, and sand before it ends up in the engine, allowing only clean air into the heart of your vehicle. Signs you need a new engine … Read more


Exhaust Service

EXHAUST SERVICE IN DAVIS COUNTY The exhaust system on your vehicle is more than just the tailpipe and muffler. This system gathers gasses from cylinders, removes harmful substances, reduces noise levels, and releases cleaner gasses through the exhaust pipes. These components synchronize their jobs with precision for the system to work and enhance or sustain … Read more

flat tire

Flat Repair

FLAT REPAIR IN DAVIS COUNTY Flat repair comes in handy when your tire can be fixed rather than replaced. The wheel is removed from the vehicle and plugged and adhered with a sealant, sealing the tire, then professionally placed back onto your vehicle and making it safe for you to drive once more. Signs you … Read more

fluid inspection

Fluid Inspection

FLUID INSPECTION IN DAVIS COUNTY Your vehicle has various types of fluids that circulate within it to ensure reliability, such as brake fluid, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, windshield washer fluid, engine oil, and coolant/antifreeze; however, these fluids can decrease over time and get dirty. A fluid flush will remove all the unwanted fluid and … Read more

four wheel drive

Four-Wheel Drive

FOUR-WHEEL DRIVE IN DAVIS COUNTY All-wheel drive vehicles are also known as 4x4s and four-wheel drive vehicles. These vehicles require a specific system, especially when used for off-roading and towing. The four-wheel drive system operates every day and will need maintenance after time. Technicians will inspect components like the locking hubs, axels, differentials, and the … Read more

fuel filter

Fuel Filter

FUEL FILTER IN DAVIS COUNTY The duty of the fuel filter is to screen out unwanted particles that may be in with the fuel to ensure that the fuel that reaches the engine is clean and free of these harmful particles. Fuel filter replacement is regular maintenance that aids in your vehicle’s lifespan and overall … Read more

fuel injector

Fuel Injectors

FUEL INJECTORS IN DAVIS COUNTY Fuel injectors replaced old carburetor systems to ensure the vehicle’s efficiency and to reduce air pollution. Fuel injectors spray fuel into a vehicle’s engine using valves that open and close, which is evenly repeated multiple times a second for prime combustion and efficiency. Signs your fuel injectors need replacing:• Vehicle … Read more


Headlamp Replacement

HEADLAMP REPLACEMENT IN DAVIS COUNTY The lights on your vehicle are extremely important, whether it’s illuminating the road for you at night, making your vehicle more visible in the fog, informing someone behind you that you are stopping, taking a turn, or going in reverse. Your lights are important to the safety of others and … Read more

lift kit

Lift Kits

LIFT KITS IN DAVIS COUNTY These specialized kits are a modification to increase the distance between your vehicle and the road, whether you’re doing it for aesthetics or off-roading. A lift kit raises the body of the vehicle to increase the separation of a vehicle’s body and axel. This modification is most common in trucks … Read more

oil change

Oil Changes

OIL CHANGE IN DAVIS COUNTY An oil change is a process that removes old oil and replaces it with new clean oil, and the oil filter is also replaced. This process is crucial to your vehicle’s lifespan, as components in your vehicle’s engine are constantly moving, and with dirty oil and low oil, these components … Read more

pcv valve

PCV Valve

PCV VALVE IN DAVIS COUNTY The Positive Crankcase Ventilation Valve is a one-way street to your vehicle’s crankcase. The crankcase is what holds the motor oil at the bottom of a vehicle’s engine. When your vehicle is burning fuel, it will create gases and — before emissions — the exhaust system releases these gases. How … Read more

power steering

Power Steering Service

POWER STEERING SERVICE IN DAVIS COUNTY The power steering device in your vehicle makes it so you have the ability to easily turn or maneuver your vehicle at any speed with little effort. This device is crucial when it comes to safely operating your vehicle, and the device requires flushes to function efficiently without the … Read more

preventive maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

PREVENTIVE MAINENANCE IN DAVIS COUNTY Preventative maintenance has a few names from routine maintenance to factory maintenance. Preventative maintenance is a checklist of vehicle components that a technician inspects to ensure your vehicle is at optimum efficiency. A few things they check are the exhaust, brake, oil, alignment of the wheels, tires, and more. This … Read more


Radiator Service

RADIATOR SERVICE IN DAVIS COUNTY The vehicle radiator is a component that helps remove extra heat from the engine as part of the vehicle’s cooling system. The cooling system works together to push the heat out of the vent known as the radiator to prevent overheating; overheating can cause extreme damage to your vehicle. Signs … Read more

serpentine belt

Serpentine Belt

SERPENTINE BELT IN DAVIS COUNTY The serpentine is a long belt that mobilizes and delivers power to components in the engine like the alternator, water pump, air conditioning compressor, power steering pump, and air pump. These belts on average can last between 50,000–100,000 miles but can depend on the vehicle, conditions, and the amount you … Read more

car shock

Shocks and Struts

SHOCKS AND STRUTS IN DAVIS COUNTY Shocks and struts are the main components of the suspension system that stabilizes the vehicle when on uneven surfaces and keep your tires on the tires on the road, whether you’re turning, braking, or accelerating. Shocks absorb the bounce, which keeps your ride more comfortable on those bumpy roads. … Read more

emissions test

State Emissions

STATE EMISSIONS IN DAVIS COUNTY Emissions control is the reduction of air pollutants emitted by vehicles. Some states require a state emissions test to regulate pollution levels from vehicles. These state-mandated inspections are regulated by government guidelines to ensure air safety in their communities and contribute to cleaner breathing conditions. What we do:• Inspect the … Read more

car state inspection

State Inspections

STATE INSPECTIONS IN DAVIS COUNTY State inspections, commonly known as state safety inspections, is a procedure regulated by the state government that ensures a vehicle is safe to drive to ensure safer driving conditions. What we do:• Inspect the vehicle ensuring it stands within state regulations.• Provide service options to pass state inspections. Our technicians … Read more

car suspension

Suspension Service

SUSPENSION SERVICE IN DAVIS COUNTY The suspension is a large system that singlehandedly keeps your vehicle ride comfortable. This system is made up of springs, shock absorbers, tires, and even tire air, all of which contribute to the suspension system. This system ensures a smooth ride by absorbing the impacts from bumps in the road. … Read more

timing belt

Timing Belt Replacement

TIMING BELT REPLACEMENT IN DAVIS COUNTY The timing belt or timing chain is a crucial part of your vehicle that keeps the internal combustion engine operating. This unit times and synchronizes engine valves to open and close with the position of the pistons at the precise time. Sings you need a new timing belt/chain:• Oil … Read more


Tire Installation

TIRE INSTALLATION IN DAVIS COUNTY Tire changes are not easy, so trust the professionals to help you find the right tires. When it comes to changing your tires, we ensure that all sensors are functional and not damaged, the tire is secured around the wheel, and they are secured to your vehicle. Signs you need … Read more

tire pressure monitoring

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

TIRE PRESSURE MONITORING SYSTEM IN DAVIS COUNTY The TPMS monitors your tire pressure in real-time to always report if your tires are ready for the road or low on pressure. This system consists of a sensor that can connect to dashboard lights that illuminate when there are potentially unsafe driving conditions. Having your sensor replaced … Read more

tire rotation

Tire Rotation

TIRE ROTATION IN DAVIS COUNTY Tire rotations are necessary maintenance that strategically shifts and repositions the tires on your vehicle to sustain the tread life of your tires and distribute wear more evenly. Signs you need a tire rotation:• Uneven tire tread.• Tire vibrations. While you’re in for your next scheduled maintenance, ask about a … Read more


Transmission Service

TRANSMISSION SERVICE IN DAVIS COUNTY The transmission is the vehicle’s brain and is a giant gearbox that determines how your vehicle shifts. The transmission transforms the combustion created by the engine and morphs it into real power. Regular maintenance of the transmission is necessary to sustain the life of the transmission and your vehicle. Servicing … Read more

tune up

Tune Ups

TUNE UPS IN DAVIS COUNTY A tune-up is a maintenance service that inspects and replaces the components of the combustion process like spark plugs, wires, or coils. It also inspects filters, fluids, belts, and hoses — giving you insight into any potential small issues that can build in bigger problems. Signs you need a tune-up:• … Read more

car inspection

Vehicle Inspections

VEHICLE INSPECTIONS IN DAVIS COUNTY When it comes to light maintenance a vehicle inspection can save you major vehicle repairs down the road. Multi-point inspections normally come with other routine maintenance services, checking fluid levels, filters, tires, and more. When to get a vehicle inspection:• Before or after long road trips.• If you don’t know … Read more

water pump

Water Pump

WATER PUMP IN DAVIS COUNTY The water pump is a crucial part of the cooling system of your vehicle; it delivers coolant between the radiator and the engine, which prevents your vehicle from overheating. Regular maintenance to ensure fluid levels are maintained and no leaks are found will keep your vehicle from harsh repairs in … Read more

wheel alignment

Wheel Alignment

WHEEL ALIGNMENT IN DAVIS COUNTY Your vehicle’s wheel alignment ensures that your tires connect with the road at precise angles that your steering wheel is pointed to, it’s also directly tied to your vehicle’s suspension system. If your alignment is off, your vehicle can pull from one side or another when your steering wheel is … Read more

wheel balancing

Wheel Balancing

WHEEL BALANCING IN DAVIS COUNTY Wheel balancing is a process of distributing the weight of the tire and wheel assembly evenly when traveling at high speeds. This process required the wheel to be removed from the vehicle and placed on our wheel balancer and spun to decide where the weight should be distributed to. It’s … Read more

winter tires

Winter Tires

WINTER TIRES IN DAVIS COUNTY When it comes to the harsh winter season, the type of tires you have on your vehicle is important, especially where you drive. Winter tires are specifically engineered to have the best traction in the cold and are branded with a mountain accompanied by a snowflake. This symbol means the … Read more


Wiper Blades

WIPER BLADES IN DAVIS COUNTY Wiper blades are a crucial factor in your ability to see the road by swiping rain from the windshield and using windshield fluid to clean your windshield from dust, bugs, and other small debris. It’s best to replace your wiper blades at least two times a year, as the seasons … Read more