Wiper Blades


WIPER BLADES IN DAVIS COUNTY Wiper blades are a crucial factor in your ability to see the road by swiping rain from the windshield and using windshield fluid to clean your windshield from dust, bugs, and other small debris. It’s best to replace your wiper blades at least two times a year, as the seasons … Read more

Winter Tires

winter tires

WINTER TIRES IN DAVIS COUNTY When it comes to the harsh winter season, the type of tires you have on your vehicle is important, especially where you drive. Winter tires are specifically engineered to have the best traction in the cold and are branded with a mountain accompanied by a snowflake. This symbol means the … Read more

Wheel Balancing

wheel balancing

WHEEL BALANCING IN DAVIS COUNTY Wheel balancing is a process of distributing the weight of the tire and wheel assembly evenly when traveling at high speeds. This process required the wheel to be removed from the vehicle and placed on our wheel balancer and spun to decide where the weight should be distributed to. It’s … Read more

Wheel Alignment

wheel alignment

WHEEL ALIGNMENT IN DAVIS COUNTY Your vehicle’s wheel alignment ensures that your tires connect with the road at precise angles that your steering wheel is pointed to, it’s also directly tied to your vehicle’s suspension system. If your alignment is off, your vehicle can pull from one side or another when your steering wheel is … Read more

Water Pump

water pump

WATER PUMP IN DAVIS COUNTY The water pump is a crucial part of the cooling system of your vehicle; it delivers coolant between the radiator and the engine, which prevents your vehicle from overheating. Regular maintenance to ensure fluid levels are maintained and no leaks are found will keep your vehicle from harsh repairs in … Read more

Vehicle Inspections

car inspection

VEHICLE INSPECTIONS IN DAVIS COUNTY When it comes to light maintenance a vehicle inspection can save you major vehicle repairs down the road. Multi-point inspections normally come with other routine maintenance services, checking fluid levels, filters, tires, and more. When to get a vehicle inspection:• Before or after long road trips.• If you don’t know … Read more

Tune Ups

tune up

TUNE UPS IN DAVIS COUNTY A tune-up is a maintenance service that inspects and replaces the components of the combustion process like spark plugs, wires, or coils. It also inspects filters, fluids, belts, and hoses — giving you insight into any potential small issues that can build in bigger problems. Signs you need a tune-up:• … Read more

Transmission Service


TRANSMISSION SERVICE IN DAVIS COUNTY The transmission is the vehicle’s brain and is a giant gearbox that determines how your vehicle shifts. The transmission transforms the combustion created by the engine and morphs it into real power. Regular maintenance of the transmission is necessary to sustain the life of the transmission and your vehicle. Servicing … Read more

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

tire pressure monitoring

TIRE PRESSURE MONITORING SYSTEM IN DAVIS COUNTY The TPMS monitors your tire pressure in real-time to always report if your tires are ready for the road or low on pressure. This system consists of a sensor that can connect to dashboard lights that illuminate when there are potentially unsafe driving conditions. Having your sensor replaced … Read more

Tire Rotation

tire rotation

TIRE ROTATION IN DAVIS COUNTY Tire rotations are necessary maintenance that strategically shifts and repositions the tires on your vehicle to sustain the tread life of your tires and distribute wear more evenly. Signs you need a tire rotation:• Uneven tire tread.• Tire vibrations. While you’re in for your next scheduled maintenance, ask about a … Read more